Illumina working to expand BaseSpace application ecosystem

Illumina working to expand BaseSpace application ecosystem

Double-Helix spent the day in San Francisco at the Basespace Developers meeting learning about their new initiative for “Native” Basespace applications.


BaseSpace is Illumina’s cloud environment for the storage and analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. BaseSpace is hosted in Amazon AWS and the system is used by hundreds MiSeq NGS hardware users.


In addition to existing integration with web applications using a RESTful-API, the new native application functionality leverages Docker,

the open-source container packaging software to facilitate the deployment of bioinformatic applications.

BaseSpace will soon allow developers to design User-Interface (UI) forms, call docker based application servers, and generate HTML 5 output reports within the BaseSpace ecosystem.

The Illumina development team still has some work to-do to setup a dedicated BaseSpace Docker Repository, provide feedback to developers on usage and performance metrics and on processes to certify applications, and build in a costing e-commerce model…but it looks like a good direction for making bioinformatic tools more readily available.

While learning how to configure an app in BaseSpace we ran into developers from Syapse, Station-X, UCSF, and Perkin Elmer…





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