DevSecOps Case Study

Double-Helix works with multiple precision medicine, healthcare, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers who provide solutions to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biopharma companies.

For organizations that handle sensitive data, it’s critical to maintain the highest security standards.  Using DevSecOps principles can help companies continuously improve the security posture of their software and incorporate Security-by-Design practices.

The scientific research SaaS platform Cytobank ( traditionally used a set of “point” vulnerability scanning solutions run manually to ensure its AWS-hosted platform was meeting regulatory compliance. But this approach was cumbersome, not scalable and overburdened resources

In this case study webinar, learn how Double-Helix worked with Cytobank  to use CYBRIC’s continuous applicationsecurity platform and a DevSecOps approach to:

  • Consolidate existing, disparate security testing tools;
  • Automate and schedule routine scans
  • Free up engineers and DevOps teams to focus on technology initiatives via automated testing, issue notification and vulnerability prioritization
  • Ensure customer confidence in the Cytobank platform’s security posture

Listen to Ken Stineman’s security Webinar:

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